Here's Why You Should Choose LED Signboards

Arvind L 6 years ago

Neon, LED and fluorescent sign boards are the market rulers for illuminated signage. LED sign boards are comparatively newer and has gathered the attention of the market mainly due to the colorful and creative designs.

LED lighting is the future of sign boards and consider these benefits to make sure they are right for your business.

Longer Lifespan

A quality LED sign board has a life-span of 10 years which is 4 to 6 years more than the fluorescent or neon signboards. The bulbs used in LED signboards aren’t reliant on gases for their functioning, so there is no possibility of leakage that cause dimness in a neon or fluorescent board. The lights in the LED signboards do not deteriorate over time and are able to maintain the same brightness levels throughout their lifespan.

Lower Power Consumption

LED signs consume around 10 watts of power which is very low for a powerful signboard and significantly lesser than other systems especially the neon signboard. The minimal power consumption has a lesser impact on the environment and helps one adhere to the energy standards. The less power consumption also has a significant impact on the electricity bills. Unlike the Neon or fluorescent lights, LED's do not function with the help of toxic gases like mercury or argon.

Lower Maintenance

People think that LED signboards require a lot of maintenance due to its long lifespan, brightness and efficiency but it's the other way around. These signboards have a fewer maintenance demands as they do not function with gases or fragile glass tubes. The cleaning of these signboards are quite easy and their durability makes them good for outdoor applications. There are waterproof LED systems these days which are very good for places which are prone to a lot of weather changes. Ultimately, their simplicity and durability make them a breeze to install and a headache free investment.


LED signboards do not rely on using thick tubes which naturally makes them thin and light. Neon sign boards are usually around 5 inches thick whereas LED signboards are around 1 inch in thickness. The smaller size results in cheap shipping and lower installation costs too. LED signboards being thin also makes it a viable option for smaller spaces. The smaller size also leads to lesser carbon footprint emission.

Unique Brightness

LED sign boards stand out from other signs mainly due to its unique brightness. LED technology is known to produce brilliant and clear light that makes reading easy from both close and far. Also, it stands out boldly during the night and clear even when there is intense sun shining. No matter what the time of the day is, the signboards are able produce a clear impression of the content on to the passersby.

Powerful Lights

The dimming lights is the biggest problem a neon or fluorescent signboard owner faces. It feels like a constant battle to keep the sign fully lit with appropriate brightness and it always seems like one of the lights need to replaced. A half lit sign board can send a poor message about your business but the high efficiency and longevity from LED signboards could be the solution to that problem.

As far as the investment goes, prices of LED signboards are comparable to their competitors but ultimate decision comes down to the benefits that one might reap. If your intention is to have a long lasting, durable and an eco-friendly signboard, then contact LED signboard dealers to get one for your business

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