5 best places to visit this Pongal

Ananya Devan 6 years ago

With Pongal falling on Friday (15th of Jan, 2016), it is the perfect weekend time to rejoice with relatives and friends. By now many of us have booked our tickets to travel to our native town for celebrating Pongal in a traditional way. What about Chennaiaites? Are you the typical festive-lover who wanted to brace this Pongal in a traditional way? But, haven’t made a huge travel list? Get started!

The harvest festival is best celebrated in Tamil Nadu as our culture and tradition marks the significance of agriculture. Here are the top five places to exult the Pongal festive bash.


Tamil Nadu’s traditional gateway rich in historical temples, villages and agricultural fields. If you are aspiring to celebrate this real essence of Pongal, then Madurai will be the ideal destination. It is a four day ritual, where farmers gather to display the harvested products before the Sun God as a thanks giving ritual. Jallikattu is one of the famous Pongal celebrations part to never miss here!

Distance: 464Km

Personal vehicle: 7hrs 15 min

Public transport: 8hrs 50 min


Salem is a popular city for ‘Textile Manufacturing’ and is also an industrial hub of Tamil Nadu because of the famous steel pant sited here. What is the specialty of celebrating Pongal here? It is the famous Fox Dharshan that grabs the attention in the interior villages. The highlight of this festive is that the members of the village bring a fox from the nearby forest to worship during the Pongal ceremony. After the worship, the fox is returned back to the forest.

Distance: 339 km

Personal vehicle: 5hrs 40 min

Public transport: 6-7hrs


Reflecting the rich elegance of the architectural shrines and the bravura Chola dynasty is the main highlight of Thanjavur. The Pongal festive is so welcoming that the lush green vicinity creates a resplendent feel and the mouth-watering sugarcane and Sakkarai Pongal makes you want more! The front of the house is adorned with Kolams, the elephant in the Shivan kovil is embellished with beautiful beads, flower garlands etc. The specialty is the Jallikattu and katha kalakshepam in temples.

Distance: 342 km

Personal vehicle: 6hrs 10 min

Public transport: 6-8hrs


Located on the banks of river Theni and huddled to the Western Ghats, this vicinity is famous for cotton plantation and is also christened as the second Manchester of South India. During the first day of Bhogi, young boys gather together on the river banks and they perform Bhogi Kuttus and women craft flamboyant Kolams. Manji Virattu and Jallikattu are the two famous must-see Pongal celebrations in Theni. You can also enjoy Tiger Falls, Suruli Falls and Cloud Land Falls.

Distance: 499 km

Personal vehicle: 8hrs 20 min

Public transport: 8-9hrs


Alike Salem, Coimbatore or Kovai is the textile hub of South India. The traditional reminiscence is still worshiped by the village people here. Thus, if you are planning to visit a habitual place in India, then opt for Coimbatore. The entire city looks adoring with beautiful lights, special shows etc. The greenery agricultural fields and local temples gift a rustic experience for travelers.

Distance: 499 km

Personal vehicle: 8hrs 12 min

Public transport: 8-9hrs

So, what are you waiting for? Opt for the best place that you love to visit and book your tickets through eminent Tour Operators.

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